The legisalture returns to the capitol after spring break to find two veto messages from the governor waiting for them.

Lawmakers hurried in the first half of the session to get several pro-business bills to the governor early enough that they could try to override expected vetoes before the end of the session in May. While they were gone, the governor vetoed a bill changing workers’ compensation and employment discrimination laws.

Republicans control more than two-thirds of the seats in the senate, making an override of the workers’s comp bill pretty assured there. But the House does not appear close to the votes needed to override the bills in that chamber.

Senate leader Rob Mayer hopes the governor will meet with legislators to outline what changes he would accept…

Republicans say the proposals will make Missouri more attractive for business development. Nixon says the state already is moving forward economically and doesn’t need law changes that are steps backward in discrimination and workers’ protection laws.

When he vetoed last year’s discrimination bill, Nixon did not negotiate.