Not only was Friday a tough evening for Governor Jay Nixon to watch his beloved Tigers fall to Norfolk State, but the weekend didn’t get any better as far as his NCAA tournament bracket. With Cincinnati knocking out Florida State in the second round last night, it also knocked out Governor Nixon’s other finalist along with Missouri.

March Madness update

Through the first two rounds, I have correctly picked 34 games to the Governor’s 28. The best the Governor can hope for at this point would be five more picks which would give him grand total of 33, one short.  We both have Kentucky and North Carolina heading to the Final Four and I still have Ohio State left. If everything worked for me in a perfect basketball world, I could still end up with 10 correct picks. So, on one hand I’m glad to say I have clinched the first ever Missourinet vs. Governor Bracket Challenge, but it also comes with sorrow that Mizzou is out of the running and our brackets suffered horrible losses.

At this point, Kentucky looks strong, but they play Indiana who beat them earlier in the year.  North Carolina lost their point guard to a wrist injury, which could pave the way for Kansas, who may have the easiest route to the Final Four.  (NC State, followed UNC/Ohio).  Syracuse, without Fab Melo, looked impressive in their first two games, but now face the best defensive team in the nation, with Wisconsin. I like Ohio State over Cincy and I think it will be very difficult for Michigan State to get past Louisville, then Marquette or Florida.  The Gators look strong out West.

We’re working on setting up a time to talk with Governor Nixon to not only discuss our brackets, but also talk about the Mizzou season and the rest of the Sweet 16. Keep checking back for updates.