Over the last 25 years, no #1 seed has ever lost to a #16 seed, we all know that. Almost another sure pick is #2 vs. #15, but Mizzou fans will be interested in this nugget of information. The last #2 seed to lose to a #15, was nine years when Iowa State lost to Hampton, another Mid-Eastern Atlantic Conference team making their first NCAA appearance, like Norfolk State.

However, Pete Tiernan of bracketscience.com says Mizzou fans don’t have much to worry about. In fact, most of his models based on historical stats suggest the Tigers have a great chance of their first ever Final Four appearance. Pete’s best piece of advice for anyone putting together a bracket in a small office pool…pick conservatively.

So, before you throw darts or pick teams based off of colors and mascots, listen to my Press Box Podcast with Pete.