New York Mets pitcher Jonathan Niese got a nose job this offseason. Why is this a story for us in Missouri? His former teammate Carlos Beltran, told Niese if he had the surgery done, Beltran would foot the bill for the new nose.

Beltran was then traded to San Francisco last season, Niese went ahead and had the surgery this offseason, then Beltran signed his $13 million contract for this season with the Cardinals. Beltran certainly has the money to pay up, but Niese says that Beltran has yet to come forward.

“[Beltran] wanted me to have a new nose,” Niese [told reporters on Monday]. “So he offered to pay for it. I was just like, ‘All right.’ Then it turned into seeing doctors and to getting it fixed…If he pays, he pays.”

Click here to see Niese’s nose.  To be honest…I don’t see a difference.