Senator McCaskill tells the General in line to become commander of the Corps of Engineers she wants some answers from him before she votes on whether he should get the job. McCaskill has used a meeting of the Senate Armed Services committee to ask Lieutenant General Thomas Bostick a basic question…    

                                   AUDIO: McCaskill :18

She notes the Corps budget includes $5 million for flood management and more than $70 million for habitat work on the Missouri River…

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But when she asked Bostick he thinks the disparity between flood management and habitat work, she didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

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North east Missouri also is recovering from 2011 flooding, the most severe part of it affecting land behind the Bird’s Point Levee that was blasted open to relieve river threats to Cairo, Illinois. 

                                        AUDIO: McCaskill & Bostick :31

She says she need sto know from Bostick before she votes on his confirmation “that what the Army Corps blew up they will put back to the way it was before they blew it up.”  

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