A series of arguments in two courts has ended in the disputes over Missouri’s Congressional districts. A decision will be handed down today.

Attorneys Greiman (left) and Layton listen while Greim presents closing arguements to Judge Dan Green in Cole County Circuit Court, Jefferson City.

Cole County Circuit Court heard final arguments for and against the newly drawn Congressional district boundaries. Both sides agree it comes down to semantics. The constitution requires the discricts be drawn “as compact as may be.” What “may be” requires is up to the interpretation of the courts.

Attorney Gerry Greiman says the current map is a clear case of gerrymandering. Defendant Eddie Greim says the constitution requires districts to be as compact as may be, not as compact as can be. And he says political interests are not disallowed. He points to the process by which legislators are elected by constituents to make these decisions for them, not the courts.

Circuit Court Judge Dan Green has been ordered by the State Supreme Court to hand down a ruling by today. He could say the current map is constitutionally legal, or order it back to the legislature for a second rendition.

Either way, the opposing litigants can appeal to the Supreme Court.