Governor Nixon has named the ten people to a new bi-partisan commission to draw new state senate district lines.  The state supreme court has thrown out the map drafted by a panel of appeals court judges. 

The ten members are St. Louis lawyer Nicole Colbert-Botchway, a former assistant attorney general; Former federal prosecutor Jean Paul Bradshaw II, now a business litigation lawyer in Kansas City; former State senator Steve Ehlman, now the St. Charles County Executive; Jefferson City lawyer Marc Ellinger, who specializes in government regulatory law and is the writer of numerous petitions approved for circulation this year; W. Mitchell Elliott, a former assistant attorney general who is now the city attorney in Cameron; Springfield attorney Doug Harpool, a former member of the Missouri House; Joplin CPA Nick Myers; Kansas City lawyer Todd Patterson, who specializes in intellectual property law and computer-related issues; Columbia lawyer Lowell Pearson, a Columbia governmental affairs lawyer; and Kansas City businessman Trent Skaggs, a former Missouri House member.

Elliott, Skaggs, Myers, and Patterson were members of the Missouri House apportionment commission.  Harpool was a member of the Senate apportionment commission.

Republicans are: Bradshaw, Ehlman, Ellinger, Myers, and Pearson.

Democrats are: Colbert-Botchway, Elliott, Harpool, Patterson, and Skaggs. 

The commission will hold its first meeting February 18, only ten days before the opening of candidate filing for state offices.