A 52-year-old Blue Springs man has been charged with abandonment of a corpse. According to court documents Lance S. Gross told investigators that he and another person dumped the body in rural Cass County three days after the woman died beside him in bed. Gross described an evening of intoxicated consensual rough sex, including injecting the victim with liquid Valium through her rectum and choking her with a dog collar, because quote “she liked it”.

 During the escapade Gross says he passed out and woke up to find her dead.

So he went to help a friend work on a vehicle.

He eventually came back with a roll of black plastic and removed the body to his garage, where it laid for several days.

Then weighing it down with an additional three hundred pounds, Gross and his brother 49-year-old Marlin Gross threw the corpse off a bridge along T Highway.

Eight days after the death a witness went to Lee’s Summit Police. The body was recovered Sunday, after six days in the water and nine days after she died.

A warrant has been issued for Marlin Gross’ arrest, as he now also will face charges for improper disposal of the body.

Ray Read, KCMO, contributed to this story.