Former Northwest Missouri State football star Dave Tollefson admits he’s a “momma’s boy.” Before every game, he calls his mom, Debi Crocker. When you think of someone calling their mom before a game, you expect them to get soft, loving words of encouragement…not from Debi. Her motivational words are too harsh to print on

I found this great story on Tollefson, who I interviewed after the Giants last Super Bowl win over New England. It tells of how his mom basically rips him to pieces before each game telling him to not be a coward. In an interview she gave with the New York Times, Crocker says, “I would say it’s basically potty-mouth, smash-mouth-football-type talk.”

The best part of the story is when it mentions a game during the 2010 season when Tollefson sprained ligaments in his knee during a game against Philadelphia. His mom showed up in the X-ray room and told her son to tape up the knee and get back on the field.

My type of mom…and my type of momma’s boy!