A fourth candidate and second state senator is joining the Republican race for Lieutenant Governor.  State Senator Lu Ann Ridgeway of Smithville served ten years in the House before serving her two terms in the Senate.  She’s a Moberly native and lawyer who wants to become the second woman to serve as Lieutenant Governor. 

Ridgeway will formally announce her candidacy later, joining incumbent Peter Kinder who wants a third term, fellow Senator Brad Lager of Savannah, and St. Louis real estate lawyer Mike Carter. She knows the next lieutenant governor will be in a good position to challenge for the governorship in 20-16 when the office will be open. “We absolutely, positively have to have a strident, outspoken,  articulate, conservative person who can continue to be a strong force for responsible spending lower taxes (and) smaller government,” she says.                                      

Ridgeway is a strong opponent of the affordable health care law. She’s sponsoring a bill this year limiting property taxes on senior citizens. 

The only woman to be a lieutenant governor was Harriett Woods, who served from 1985-1989

 AUDIO: Interview with Sen. Ridgeway 8:22 mp3