The Missouri Tigers play rival K-State in Manhattan today, and a few K-State fans have been working overtime. Tigers guard Michael Dixon has been getting hundreds of text messages from Kansas State fans in recent days — but they used their own phones, so Dixon put Twitter to work for him.

Dixon tweeted MU fans that he was being harrassed and published the four numbers of who was leading the smack talk. The tweet goes like this, “K STATE FANS THAT WONT STOP CALLING MY PHONE GIVE THEM A RING A DING. (913) 593-5702, (620) 717 1753, (760) 705-8888, (913) 424 8139”

Dixon says he received some 400 text messages in addition to the calls.

Since that tweet went viral, MU fans — including the Antlers — have been calling the KSU fans non stop, ordering pizzas on their behalf, signing them up for gay porn magazines, and anything else imaginable one can do by phone.

Three of the four main culprits of the KSU fraternity have already changed their numbers. One though has dug in and refuses to let the MU fans get to him.

Mizzou and K State play today at 12:30.