A handful of LSU players started practicing today inside the Superdome. Photo/LSU sports information

LSU football team has helicopter following their every move as they arrive in New Orleans.

AP voters threaten to vote LSU as their national champion regardless of whether the Tigers win or lose to Alabama in the BCS title game.  One argument I read was based on LSU’s body of work over the entire season.  Well, if that was the case, then why weren’t the New England Patriots awarded the Super Bowl that year after winning their first 18 games?  After all, they had a better body of work  than the New York Giants that season.  This is the whole point of why the BCS title game was created.  It’s a one game, winner take all scenario, pitting the top two teams.  Instead of just focusing on the great year that LSU had, why not also look at the achievements of Alabama?  Despite not even winning their division or the SEC title (because of a three point loss to LSU), they are still respected as one of the top two teams in the country.  A team’s regular season supports their story.  Regardless of what happened, all the regular season did for LSU and Alabama is prove they are the two best teams in the country and now they will face each other one more time to see who the better team is.  If LSU is truly the best team in the country, they will prove it again on January 9 with a win. 

Perhaps the AP writers are making a point by splitting the vote to pressure college football into creating a true playoff system?

There are still plenty of coaching openings in the SEC that need to be filled by several teams.