He calls it a “weird” situation that leads to “silliness” at the top of state government.  That’s why Cape Girardeau Jason Crowell proposes a constitutional amendment requiring governor candidates to pick the person they want as lieutenant governor and then run as teammates in the primary and the general elections.  He says there’s no reason to continue the possibility that Missourians would elect a governor and a lieutenant governor of different parties. For twenty of the last 36 years, the lieutenant governor and governor have been of different parties: .

Gov. Joe Teasdale (D) 1977-81/Lt. Gov. Bill Phelps (R)

Gov. Christopher Bond (R) 1981-85/Lt. Gov. Kenneth Rothman(D)

Gov. John Ashcroft (R) 1983-89/ Lt. Gov. Harriett Woods (D)

Gov. John Ashcroft (R) 1989-93/Lt. Gov. Mel Carnahan (D)

Governor Jay Nixon (D) 2009-13/Lt.Gov. Peter Kinder (R)

Governor Forrest Donnell, a Republican Governor from 1941-1945 also had a Democrat for  Lieutenant Governor: Frank Harris, serving his third term in the job. 

Crowell is open to some changes in his proposal although he’s not sure he wants a governor candidate to pick several different potential lieutenant governor running mates and let voters choose which combination they want. And he’s not excited about an idea letting lieutenant governor candidates pick several governor candidates.

Crowell says several states have the team approach. And, of course, presidential elections offer a national example.  

He hopes the legislature sends a constitutional amendment to voters later this year.  If voters endorse the idea, the first team elections would be in 2016. 

AUDIO: Interview with Sen. Crowell 8:08 mp3