IRS spokesman Michael Devine says the number one thing people should start doing is getting their paperwork together. But beyond that, he says making charitable contributions for tax deductions should be done today and tomorrow. Devine says for those who have stocks, cut your losses.

He says the sooner people get a folder together with documents proving donations, contributions, retirement funds and stock returns, the easier it will be to file quickly and accurately.

He says for those with fairly simple returns, who are making less than 58 thousand dollars a year, the IRS has a free filing system on its web site. He says for some people, they can do their federal and state taxes together on that site. He says there’s a less than one percent margin of error in electronic tax returns, so for those who can, it’s a good idea. He says if your return is going to be more complicated than that, to find someone who is recommended by friends and family and knows your tax situation.

He says this year people have a few more days to get their taxes done: the deadline is April 17th instead of 15th because of a weekend followed by a federal holiday.

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