Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton is not biting on the headlines the media is trying to make out of this game being Orton vs. Tebow and head coach Romeo Crennel made sure he reminded his team that this week the focus needs to be on the team.

“Every player that I know wants to play good against their old team,” Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said. “So he would like to play good and I’m sure he would like to win the game. And that’s what I told him, I said your job is to help your team win. It’s not Kyle versus the Broncos; it’s the Chiefs versus the Broncos so I think guys have to be reminded of that sometimes.”

Orton started 33 games for Denver, including the first five games of the season, before Tebow replaced him as the Broncos starting quarterback. Orton later asked for his release when Denver committed to Tebow and implemented a new offensive scheme.

“You only get 16 weeks to prove yourself to your teammates and that’s how I’m going to look at it,” Orton said. “This is just another week for me to come out and prove my preparation and my play to my teammates.”

If Orton can lead his team to victory, it would be sweet redemption knowing he had a hand in eliminating the Broncos from a playoff berth.