Only a few days are left to do some things that will have an impact on the amount of income taxes you pay next year. But the Internal Revenue Service is waving a caution flag.

Christmas is done now….There’s time to sift through all of those charitable solicitations that have been coming in all month and think about making those tax deductible  donations.

Be careful, says the Internal Revenue Service’s regional spokesman Michael Devine. Be suspicious of internet contacts.  And make sure the organization you give money to really is a charitable organization under IRS rules.

In fact, he says, the IRS has revoked the tax-exempt status of 4,000 Missouri charities in recent months because they haven’t filed required paperwork in the last three years. .                                 

Devine says the IRS has a list of exempt organizations on its web page that will show which groups are legitimate. The Missouri Attorney General’s office also has a section on its webpage. It’s called “Check a Charity.” 

Devine has some advice–be generous if you can, but don’t get scammed.

AUDIO: Interview with Michael Devine 9:27 mp3charity.mp3