LSU Tigers welcome Mizzou Tigers

The Missouri football team arrived in Shreveport, LA on Wednesday to prepare for the Independence Bowl. In the heart of LSU Tiger territory, our Tigers were made to feel at home. LSU placed ads in Northwest Louisiana newspapers encouraging fans to welcome and support Mizzou. It is support like this that makes a Mizzou fan realize the University of Missouri made a good move in switching from the Big 12 to the SEC.

Despite finishing fifth in the Big 12 standings, Missouri couldn’t even get a bowl bid to one of the seven that are aligned with that conference. Yet, here is a new rival welcoming Missouri and wishing our Tigers good luck.

Seeing this reminded me of a conversation I had on a recent podcast with Kevin McCreary, the sports director of our sister news network in Columbia, SC…South Carolina Radio Network. He said while there is a strong passion when it comes to cheering against your SEC rival, there is also an extreme amount of pride in pulling for SEC teams in bowl games and tournaments. This is a classic example of that. That’s pretty awesome.

AUDIO Kevin McCreary clip on SEC pride (1:30)