The President of Missouri Independent Colleges and Universities says if the state wants to meet its goal of 65 percent of Missourians with a college degrees, there should be more partnerships between public and private Universities.

Marianne Inman says because of the successes those schools have had, the state should consider more partnerships between public and private universities. Inman gives the example of a partnership that’s currently going on between the University of Missouri St. Louis, a public school and Washington University, a private school. She says students take some classes with UMSL and some with Washington University. Students pay UMSL tuition and get a UMSL degree, but get some instruction from Washington University professors.

She says independent schools account for half of all degrees given in education and health care, though only about 40 percent of Missouri’s students go to private schools. She says nationally, 20 percent of all college students go to a private school.

Inman says part of the reason this is good for both sides is because it’s inexpensive. She says no additional resources are needed; the classes will usually be taught on the public school’s campus, but will lend the research and professors in specialized subjects that the public school may not have or not have enough of.

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