A winter storm passing through the Midwest over the next 48 hours could bring three to five inches of snow to far northwest Missouri. National Weather Service meteorologist Mark O’Malley says further east and south, snowfall amounts will range from as little as a dusting to around two inches.

This image shows the National Weather Service's prediction as of Monday afternoon. Find the latest information on its website, listed with this story.

On Tuesday morning and afternoon, areas with temperatures around 31 or 32 degrees could see a period of freezing rain or drizzle. That is expected to occur along the Highway 36 cooridor and could produce some slick driving conditions, though he notes the outlook is not as bad as it would be if the temperature were just a few degrees colder.

The system will end with a final band of snow Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning along the I-70 coordor from Kansas City to Jefferson City, then northwest toward Davenport, Iowa and Springfield, Illinois. O’Malley says that final band may include a burst of snowfall lasting around an hour, leaving a strip of one to one-and-a-half inches of snow.

The brunt of the system will effect areas south and west of Missouri. O’Malley says those planning to drive to those regions should alter plans as possible. “Anyone trying to head down toward the Dodge City area, or anywhere basically west of Wichita and then into the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle for tomorrow is going to run into probably a lot of closed roadways. There will be blizzard conditions down in southwest Kansas, southeast Colorado and northwest Oklahoma and travel is not recommended in that area.” O’Malley recommends delaying travel to those areas until Wednesday at the earliest.

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