Missouri’s “Move Over” law was passed in 2002 and toughened in 2006, carrying penalties for failing to give emergency vehicles plenty of room when they are stopped at the roadside and displaying emergency lights. One bill prefiled in the House would extend that protection to Department of Transportation motorist assist vehicles.

The sponsor, St. Clair Representative Dave Hinson, is himself a firefighter and paramedic. He says sometimes those vehicles are the first at the scene. “If they’re not, we call them a lot to use them to block traffic and things like that so they’re a part of the emergency response team.”

He says in the St. Louis area, he knows of one motorist assistance vehicle driver than has been killed, while others have been injured while working at a scene. He hopes his bill will prevent such instances.

The legislation is House Bill 1040.

Missouri’s current “move over” law falls under Missouri Revised Statute 304.022.