Jon Solomon writes for Birmingham News and covers the Alabama Crimson Tide and the SEC and joins me on this Pressbox Podcast to talk about the BCS title game and what the future holds for Missouri and Texas A & M.  He thinks Missouri will do better than A & M initially because the SEC East is a weaker division than the West where A & M will play.  I agree with him.

I joked on my Missourinet sports report this morning that Jon is a SEC homer. I agree with Jon that Missouri has a lot they need to do in terms of building resources and recruiting if they want to be a sustainable success in the SEC, and maybe I’m just protecting our home turf here a bit, but I think the Tigers can hold their own in the SEC and do it right away. 

I was also impressed with some things he had to say about Oklahoma State as I put him on the spot to make a case why the Cowboys could have been considered for the BCS title game.

Enjoy!  Pressbox Podcast with Jon Solomon (9:20)