If Sam Bradford’s ankle isn’t better and AJ Feely can’t play after suffering a small fracture in his right thumb, Plan C is Tom Brandstater, a 2009 sixth round draft pick from Fresno State who was third string for Josh McDaniels in Denver last year.

After the loss to San Francisco, head coach Steve Spagnuolo thought the injury was on his non-throwing hand. “It is his right thumb,” Spagnuolo said. “We don’t know what we’re sitting on right now. (head athletic trainer) Reggie (Scott) and the medical staff is researching what exactly it is, what does it mean, can he grab a ball, all those other things. We are not really sure until we get through today and probably into tomorrow where A.J. is. That’s obviously very concerning based on the situation Sam is in right now so it’s something we have got to work through.”

It doesn’t appear as if Bradford’s ankle is going to get much better. Brandstater was re-signed to the practice squad last week after spending the better part of a month with the Rams when Bradford initially injured the ankle.

The Rams let Brandstater go when Bradford returned but brought him back last week and promoted him to the active roster on Saturday. He does have some experience in the system but hasn’t played in a game for the Rams.