ESPN reports sources at MLB’s Winter Meetings in Dallas are saying that the Miami Marlins are pressing Albert Pujols’ agent Dan Lozano for an answer to their 10 year contract offer for the free agent first basemen and would like to know one way or the other on Wednesday.

Lozano has met with the Marlins and Cardinals multiple times in the last two days and the Cubs’ have popped up in the last day, but their offer is believed to be for fewer years and dollars.

I’ve been saying all along, and I think most people realize this, the Cubs were never a serious contender for Pujols. Meanwhile, up until this rumored demand for an answer, the Cardinals had to be worried about Miami. I believe by them rushing Pujols for an answer it will not sit well with him. He is a man who will lean on his family and faith to lead him to the right decision. I think an ultimatum will not sit well. While Pujols has said (again through sources) that he would have no problems leaving St. Louis is there was a significant offer from another team, I can’t believe the Marlins could outbid the Cardinals by that much, that they could then force a quick answer.

I understand why the Marlins want an answer one way or the other. They’ve signed Jose Reyes and Heath Bell and will be aggressive with other potential free agents, but pressing Pujols for a quick answer could turn him off.

Fans need to hope the Cardinals are continuing to be aggressive in their proposals.