Don't expect to see Les Miles stalking the sidelines at The Zou next season.

LSU-Georgia gets set to meet in this weekend’s SEC Championship game. It’s hard to find any reason, even a Georgia blowout win, to keep LSU out of the BCS title game against Alabama. LSU is 12-0 for the first time in school history, which includes seven wins over teams ranked in the Top 25 this year. Let me put that into perspective for Mizzou fans. Coming into this season, Missouri has gone 7-10 against Top 25 teams since 2007, it took them 3.5 seasons to accomplish something that LSU has done in one season.

Jeff Palermo from the Louisiana Radio Network joins me on this Pressbox Podcast as we talk about the SEC Championship game and discuss Missouri’s chances of success next season. You might be surprised to hear Jeff’s take on just what he expects from our Tigers next year.

Listen to Jeff Palermo’s take on the SEC, LSU and Mizzou (15:00)