Representative Terry Swinger says he’s been trying since 2006 to get a bill passed to help people afford storm shelters. He says this year it will be filed as a tax deduction instead of a tax credit, so hopefully it will make it through the Senate.

He says he made one major change, and that was to make this bill a tax deduction and not a tax credit. He says that means money will come back to people who built these shelters on their income taxes in April. He says this change is what the bill needs to be passed through the Senate.

He says it will cost the state less money – there will be a two million dollar cap on the deductions. Swinger says there’s no way to know when a disaster will happen but it’s easy to know you’re prepared.

He says there was a tornado in 2006 in Caruthersville  where Swinger is from. He says there were no deaths in the tornado despite a lot of damage, because people were prepared and had a safe place to go.

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