So are the Chicago Cubs really interested in Albert Pujols or is his agent just trying to drum up an artificial bidding war with the Cardinals? According to sources, the Cubs contacted Pujols’ agent over the weekend and have serious interest in Pujols. I also read (and linked) an article yesterday from Yahoo sports that claims, at least three top executives around baseball all believe Pujols re-signs with the Cardinals. Pujols doesn’t fit into the long term plans of the Cubs.

The Cubs have been saddled by bad, long term deals. They were able to get out from one of those when they traded outfielder Kosuke Fukodome. However nobody will touch Alfonso Soriano, who is scheduled to make $18 million the next three seasons.

Adding Pujols, who I believe only has four solid seasons left, doesn’t fit financially in the Cubs long term plans and I can’t see Chicago giving Pujols a nine year deal. Fielder is five years younger than Pujols and if the Cubs were going to spend a big chunk of money on a first baseman for nine years, he would be the player that makes the most sense.

The “Pujols to the Cubs” talk is nothing more than just talk. I’ve been saying this since April, Albert Pujols will remain a St. Louis Cardinal for the life of his career.