While Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel said he wouldn’t comment much on the move to the SEC during the season, he and his staff have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes as they get ready to hit the recruiting trail for 2013 which will include a focus in the states of Georgia and Florida.

On his weekly teleconference call, Pinkel said he has already added a coach in Atlanta, and two in Florida. The move will not have much of an affect for this year’s recruiting class, but for the following year. Getting a head start now is for a marketing and public relations standpoint.

Gary Pinkel’s Q & A (8:00)

Pinkel said it’s important that Mizzou is marketed and a relationship is developed in these new areas with high school coaches, similar to what his program had to do when they started recruiting in Oklahoma and Texas.

After this recruiting cycle is over, Pinkel said he and his staff will sit back down and decide if the current coaches in Texas will stick around or if they will move exclusively to the southeast.