One of the Republican candidates for Lieutenant Governor hopes to improve on his sixteen percent  support in the 2008 primary.  But this is a candidacy with a twist.

St. Louis real estate lawyer Mike Carter calls himself “an independent-minded Republican who has cast votes for Ross Perot and Ron Paul.”   The first time we talked with him, he mentioned his 16 percent support in the 2008 primary for Lieutenant Governor.  What he didn’t mention was that he got 16 percent in the DEMOCRATIC primary.

Carter says he likes a lot in both parties but he’s running this time as a Republican because he leans toward that party on fiscal issues.  However he thinks people should be able to switch parties all the time…

Carter says he’s fiscally Republican but he is a Democrat when it comes to social issues.

He says he’s staying in the race even though incumbent Peter Kinder has decided to run for a third term.

AUDIO: Interview with Mike Carter 3 min