The state senator who sponsored the strip club regulation bill upheld by the supreme court last week says it becomes an issue for local prosecutors now.

Matt Bartle passed the bill in his last year in the legislature after seeing two previous bills targeting adult-oriented businesses thrown out by the courts. The supreme court has upheld this one that establishes distances between performers and audiences, outlaws physical contact, and establishes a midnight closing time–among other provisions.

Bartle, now a private attorney in Lee’s Summit, made sure this law would satsfy the judges by including provisions that had been cleared by courts in Missouri and other states. .

He hopes the ruling clears the way for more local governments will decide to enforce the law. He says the court ruling means the law is clearly enforceable. He refers to the law as tools in a law enforcement toolbox. He says his successors in the legislature might have to make some changes in the law if prosecutors don’t start enforcing it.

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