A St. Louis developer who has never sought public office before wants to be elected to the number two job in state government next year.

Chris McKee says his business has required him to work with aldermen and various state and local boards So he thinks he can handle the lieutenant governorship. He says he’s always admired those who had the courage to seek public office and has always thought he would some point move from trying to influence policy from the private side to public service.

McKee has entered the Republican race for Lieutenant Governor, running against veteran state lawmaker Brad Lager, a state senator from Maryville.

He knows he’s going to have to raise a lot of campaign money. But he thinks he’ll be good at it, saying it’s not much different from raising funding for his real estate projects. As with other announced Republican candidates for various offices, McKee says his platform will focus on job creation.

He’ll make his official candidacy announcement within the next couple of weeks.

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