More pedestrians are dying in car accidents this year than last, according to the state transportation department. Spokeswoman DeAnne Rickabaugh says there were 57 fatalities in 2010 and there were 54 this year by the end of September. She says there’s no apparent reason.

She says people who are walking should walk facing traffic and look at the faces of drivers passing, to make sure the pedestrians are being seen. She says if a car is stalled on the side of the road or highway, to switch lanes if possible to get as far from the parked car as possible.

She says if motorists have a cell phone, to always bring it in the car, but don’t use it while driving. She says if you don’t have a cell phone, to get a “Send Police” sign. There are copies of a “send police” sign available from Highway Patrol Troop Headquarters. If your car breaks down on the side of a highway and it’s not something you can fix yourself, put on the car’s hazard lights and call *55 for help from the highway patrol.

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