Former Mizzou Tailback Derrick Washington will spend the next five years behind bars for deviant sexual assualt. The Boone County prosecutor, Dan Knight, had asked Circuit Judge Kevin Crane for the maximum sentence in the case, seven years. Washington’s attorney, Chris Slusher asked for probation since Washington had no prior criminal history. Crane almost immediately handed down the five-year sentence and Washington was taken into custody, led from the courtroom in handcuffs.

He could be eligible for parole after serving 120 days.

Missourinet Sports Director Bill Pollock spoke one on one with Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel at his weekly press conference and Pinkel sad it was a difficult situation for his former player and he hopes that Washington can “get his life together.”

Slusher had previously asked for a retrial, which was denied, but hasn’t said yet whether he’ll ask for an appeal.

Washington, also former co-captain of the Tigers football team, was banned from the program last fall — just before the Sept. 4 season opener against Illinois — after being charged with felony sexual assault. He was then permanently suspended from the University of Missouri. He was again arrested a few weeks later on suspicion of third degree domestic assault.

Washington was accused of assaulting a 24-year-old student who was his tutor; the other case comes from allegations that he choked and hit his ex-girlfriend.