The Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Engineers Without Borders program recently partnered with students in Columbia’s public health school to study the problems people are having with water systems in Honduras.

Sanitation is one of the major health issues in Central American communities. MPH students worked with residents to find ways to address the growing trash problems in their communities. Photo courtesy of MU News Bureau

An MU research student, Andy Craver, says the study proved the system was broken, and much of the water was not safe to drink. He says a total overhaul wouldn’t be an option though. He says the landscape is too rough, and it would be very expensive and time consuming.

He says instead the group sought to educate the population. Craver says most people weren’t getting sick because they could see the water had sediment in it, so they knew it probably wasn’t clean. He says many people buy bottled water instead, but that is a very expensive solution. Craver says more students will travel to Honduras over the winter break to continue work there.

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