The legislature begins a new regular session in less than two months. Some of its leaders are considering how the failed special session could affect it.

Lawmakers might be facing some of the same issues in the four-and-a-half month session beginning January 4th that they could not resolve in the two-month special session. More time does not indicate improved chances for resolution of problems but a new session does give opportunities for new approaches.

Lawmakers will have to shake off the disappointment that Senate majority leader Tom Dempsey felt at the end of the special session…Dempsey comments :14 mp3

President pro Tem Rob Mayer thinks some lessons from the special session might be useful in January, though. Mayer comments. :14 mp3

One issue to be resolved by January, or at least during the regular session, is poor relations between the House and the Senate. Neither side was willing to soften conflicting positions on a key economic development bill during the special session. House Speaker Steven Tilley called the Senate “broken.:” But Mayer and Dempsey say the senate is the chamber that passed major economic development bills in 2011 while the House balked at compromise.