Tony La Russa UPI/Bill Greenblatt

The club is coming off their 11th World Series title. A heavy payroll and even bigger expecatations as the St. Louis Cardinals attempt to re-sign Albert Pujols and continue their success in the National League. What names are coming up as possible replacements for Tony La Russa, who announced less than 72 hours after the World Series, that he was retiring.

Joining me on this addition of the Pressbox Podcast is Kevin Wheeler, the pregame host for Cardinals baseball, on the flagship radio station KMOX. Kevin’s tends to think that the club will have to look for someone outside of the organization. He believes the club will not want to turn over a World Series champion to someone with no past big league experience.

Pressbox Podcast with Kevin Wheeler (8:30)

Or, is the right approach going with someone inside the organization who has been alongside La Russa which could keep some continuity within the franchise? We kick around some names.