What do you know? Another twist in conference realignment. Apparently West Virginia has been notified by the Big 12 that its expansion process is on hold. The Big 12 wants to wait to see if Missouri formally withdraws from the conference, which hasn’t been an issue in the past.

However, there are also reports that Louisville is now making a hard push to join the Big 12 or at least wants to be included in the discussions. With their interest, the Big 12 does have to wait for Missouri, because now it has more options to mull over.

If Mizzou stays, the Big 12 could then add both Louisville and West Viriginia and get back to 12 teams. If Mizzou decides to leave, then it would appear that the Big 12 would have to choose between Louisville or West Virginia to become the 10th team. Geographically, Louisville makes more sense, so maybe that’s why the Big 12 told West Virginia they’re not quite ready?