World Series Game 6 starter St. Louis Cardinals Jaime Garcia throws on workout day at Busch Stadium. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Still grabbing all of the national talk around the World Series is the game five bullpen phone issues where Tony LaRussa was unable to get Jason Motte warming up because of miscommunication between him and bullpen coach Derek Lilliquist. Not sure how it happened, such a freak thing in the game, but I’m hearing fans saying use walkie talkies or text. They can’t do that and I’ll tell you why.

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Plus, Lance Berkman is batting cleanup, but the Cardinals also need to get the hitters on base in front of Albert Pujols. I’ll break down the numbers and talk about how the Rangers have gained an edge in that department.

80% chance of rain Wednesday night…if they play it will be cold and damp, a pitcher’s night and a chance to get another gem out of Jaime Garcia.