The Senate has packed up and gone home until January, leaving the House with nothing left to get accomplished.

Floor Leader Tim Jones says he’s upset that a few Senators prevented progress on a jobs bill, that was the cornerstone of the special legislative session. Jones says rather than come back and adjourn, the House will let the time run out.

He says the session was not a total failure, because the House and Senate were able to come together on the Science and Technology jobs bill, MOSIRA, which he says got overshadowed by the fighting between the chambers.

He says President Pro Tem Rob Mayer gave the House a moving target as far as requirements for compromise, which was frustrating. Jones says he looks forward to 20-13 and -14 when there will be some new faces in the building, and perhaps more cooperation.

Jones says there is always a possibility for the jobs bill to come back up next session. which begins in January.

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