I learned on my way into work this morning that I would have no post game audio from Albert Pujols, for our reports and stories, after the Cardinals 2-1 loss in game two to the Texas Rangers. That’s because by the time the media was allowed into the clubhouse,  Pujols and other leaders on the team, either showered up and were gone or were hiding out in areas not open to the media. Instead, young guys like Allen Craig, Jon Jay and Jason Motte were left to answer the questions about what happened.

Pujols should be the voice of the team regardless of the results. He should have been front and center fielding the tough questions after a loss. The national media is also calling out Pujols. Yahoo Sports was harsh of his no-show.

Jason Motte stands up to the media (1:02)

I thought the same thing. Cowardly move…total bush league that he couldn’t publicly comment on the game. It’s not out of obligation to the fans or media, but c’mon, not even sticking up for the young guys on the team?

I found it interesting in Jeff Passan’s Yahoo article that even one of the players thought it was odd and awkward that no leaders were around.