Following a two day Board of Curators meeting that wrapped up late Friday morning, there was no new announcement from the University of Missouri that they are leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. However, the board unanimously gave Chancellor Brady Deaton the authority to leave.

“We will be making a decision about pursuing an application to another conference, if we deem that in the best interests of the university,” said Deaton, who was joined by interim University of Missouri president Steve Owens and MU athletic director Mike Alden at the press briefing.

The authority given to Deaton basically allows him to make a move without needing to go back to the board. Deaton said there was still contact with the Big 12, but added, “We’ve also provided information to the SEC, and we’ve asked for information from the SEC to inform us in regard to our future decision making.”

Kansas City has been openly against Missouri leaving the Big 12, fearing that their exit would end the Big 12 men’s basketball tournament at the Sprint Center. Missouri Board of Curators chairman Warren Erdman mentioned that the University is very aware of history and tradition and the presence that the school has in that part of the state. Erdman said Mizzou would look at options of hosting a basketball tournament in Kansas City in late December as well as continuing to play, what Erdman called a “regional rival” in football at Arrowhead Stadium. Of course, Erdman is referring to Kansas and if Missouri did leave the Big 12, then the game would be schedule as a non-conference game.