It appears that only formalities remain for this failed special session of the legislature to end.

Senate leaders say they’re done with this special session. The House is holding a technical meeting to receive any messages from the senate and plans to bring everybody back tomorrow. But there appears to be nothing for the House to do or nothing the House wants to do.

It’s been a frustrating session for Senate leader Rob Mayer of Dexter. He calls failure of the tax credit reform/economic development bill “sorely disappointing.”

The House and Senate are locked up on expiration dates for tax credits. Barring an abrupt change in attitude by the House, the session will end with little to show. Mayer says there’s always next year—-or maybe there isn’t. He says he’d like to think an economic development bill and tax credit reform legislation could pass in 2012, but “at this time I wouldn’t be very optimistic that that will happen.”

The only bills to pass in the special session are a bill that some members think violates the special session call and another bill that is tied to the economic development measure that is considered unlikely to pass.

AUDIO: Interview with Mayer & Dempsey 14 min