Missouri still has a presidential primary in February and caucuses to pick Republican National Convention delegates.The Republican National Committee wants Missouri to move it to March. The legislature didn’t do that by October first, so the state Republican committee says delegates will be picked in county caucuses. The senate has decided to ignore shifting the primary to March and has tried to cancel it completely next year. The cancellation, however, has failed on a tie vote.

Senate Floor leader Tom Dempsey says the primary is meangless because the state GOP has decided on caucuses. He sees no reason to spend as much as $8 million on a “beauty contest.’ But fellow reublican Brad Lager says his people would not find a savings of .034 % of the state budget sufficient reason to take away their right to vote.

The bill has been shelved. Dempsey does not expect the senate to meet again for debate in the waning days of the special session. And Missouri still has a presidential primary in February.

 Listen to the debate, part one. (approx 63 minutes mp3)

Listen to second half of debate approx 72 mins. mp3