The showdown on the future of tax credits for low income housing and for historic preservation is coming down to two days next week. 

It’s showdown time between the House and the Senate on tax credits.  The remnants of the job-creation bill that triggered the calling of the special legislative session is back in the senate, rewritten by the House which has proclaimed big differences with the senate and at times has indicated a certain obstinacy about compromise.

The senate wants a provision requiring a vote every seven years on whether to kill the two tax credits that have a low rate of return on state tax dollars. The House does not want those sunset provisions. 

Senate leader Rob Mayer of Dexter says a lot of Missourians will be hurt if the House gets its way because the state gives up millions in tax income through them that could go for financially-strapped services and programs.

Mayer says the senate will ask the House to negotiate a compromise on that and other issues, creating a final proposal that the legislature can approve on Tuesday, It’s expected to significantly less than the deal that legislative leaders claimed had been reached to trigger the session.  .

 News conference with Sen. Mayer (8:58 mp3)