The Missouri transportation department says work zones are actually pretty safe for those who work in them, but its drivers who are at the bigger risk. Spokeswoman Sandra Hentges says drivers need to be more aware when driving in work zones.

Barrel Bob warns drivers to be safe in work zones. Photo courtesy of MODOT

She says in 2010, 15 motorists were killed in workzones. She says for those that fail to follow the rules when driving through a work zone, there are penalties.

Hentges says the department is asking drivers to go to the MODOT webpage and rate the work zones in their area, to help keep them safe.

She says recently the department has been using a mascot named Barrel Bob, which is an 11-foot tall man-made of road construction barrels. She says it gets set up at some workzones to draw attention so drivers are more careful in that area.

 Hentges says the department began using a new lighting system at night, that looks like runway lights, to help drivers stay out of the work zone.

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