Senator McCaskill has asked the head of the postal service if the public hearings being held on possible closure of 167 Missouri post offices are just dog and pony shows. But the answer must have gotten lost in the mail.

The Postal Service proposed closing more than 37-hundred post offices because it is losing billions of dollars a year.  One-hundred-67 of those post offices are in Missouri.  Public hearings have been held but so far there’s no word on any reprieves.

Senator McCaskill is skeptical about the public hearings.  She asked Postal Service Director Derrick Donohoe during a hearing last month  if any public hearings ever have changed the mind of the postal service. She has sent him a letter again asking for an answer. “If they’re saying every single decision they’ve made is perfect, then that does mean in some ways that the whole process of public comment and public hearings is maybe not as genuine as we had hoped.”

McCaskill says some post offices cannot be saved.  What she says the post office cannot do is end Saturday delivery.,  She says that could mean a death spiral for the postal services. She says the Postal Service is the only delivery service with Saturday deliveries.

McCaskill addresses the issue (3:46 mp3)