Rally Squirrel? I THINK NOT!!! UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Cardinal fans WAKE UP! You are getting too hyped up over the Busch Stadium Rally Squirrel (which could be any one of three squirrels, stadium workers are trying to trap humanely) thinking he is bringing you good luck. Stop for a moment and consider what has happened since his appearance.

Game Three, bottom of the sixth inning, two outs. Ryan Theriot is up to bat when the grey furry creature made his first appearance. Thinking it was a stroke of good luck, Theriot reaches on a single and moves into scoring position in a scoreless tie after a two out walk. Then Jaime Garcia strikes out against Cole Hamels (his final batter of the day), keeping the score 0-0.

Next inning…BAM, three run homer off Garcia, Cardinals lose 3-0. However, fans still cling to the Rally Squirrel for support.

Game Four, Skip Schumaker up to bat. The squirrel appears again. The crowd goes wild seeing this as a sign from above. Nothing has grabbed the attention of superstitious fans quite like this since the Angels’ Rally Monkey of 2002.

But, Schumaker feels something else grab…his hamstring and he leaves the game and is a big question mark for Game Five. It was as though the squirrel was mocking you Cardinal fans. This is not a good luck charm. I say curses to the squirrel!