The Missouri House and Senate were at a stalemate with the tax credits bill for weeks, partially because of the issue of sunsets, or expiration date on a tax credit or program. To solve that problem, House budget director Ryan Silvey is proposing an amendment to the constitution.

He says he wants to amend Missouri’s constitution to create a process to review tax credit programs every four years, by a vote in both the House and Senate.

He says right now, one person can allow a program to expire by holding up a vote on renewing the sunset. He says that’s not fair.

The Senate is consistently in favor of sunsets, because it requires programs to be reviewed by lawmakers every few years, but Silvey and other House leaders say this is a better compromise, because more people have to vote on the programs, more often. The resolution is planned to be debated next week.

AUDIO: Allison Blood reports on tax credit review 1 min