I was thinking about how cynical we’ve all become with yet another Big 12 school exploring options to see what is the best fit for their University. We’ve seen this with Oklahoma in recent weeks and Texas A & M before that. Certainly last year with Nebraska and Colorado.

However, as I thought back, and I know my perception could be off the mark from what is reality, but wasn’t it Missouri that wanted out of the Big 12 in the first place?

Missouri fans were up in arms when the Orange Bowl selected Kansas in 2007-08 after Mizzou beat the Jayhawks and played for the Big 12 championship. Then, when the Insight Bowl picked Iowa State over the Tigers a couple of years ago, I remember this sentiment rising among Mizzou faithful that the Big 12 wasn’t looking out for Missouri’s best interest.

So when we first heard rumblings of a move to the Big Ten, Mizzou fans were ready to jump. Well, now I say it’s time to jump again before that door closes on our Tiger tails again.

Bill Pollock’s Podcast on Mizzou moving to the SEC (6:00)