The remains of a soldier from St. Louis who has been missing since the Vietnam War have been returned and will be memorialized at Arlington Cemetary.

Seargent First Class Charles Prevadell died more than forty years ago in Vietnam, but is now back in the United States.  Spokeswoman Carrie Parker from the The Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personel Office says it got the first lead on his body in 1990, but he wasn’t recovered for more than ten years. Though his remains were returned to his family in 2003, he will be memorialized with the other two servicemen he was found with this week.

Parker says though there were approximately 88 soldiers recovered in 2010, there are still thousands of soldiers still unaccounted for. She says there are the most from World War Two, though occasionally bodies are still recovered from that war. There are still 38 Missouri servicemen missing from the Vietnam War.

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