Some places in Missouri will still have water over them.  But by early next week, the Missouri River will be within its banks all across Missouri.  That begins a new phase of the work of the Corps of Engineers,.

The Corps started the clock on the Missouri River flood 134 days ago.  If current weather forecasts hold, the end will be declared in a few days.

Missouri River Division Commander John McMahon says the corps has a lot of work to do to get ready for the 2012 runoff season starting in March.

He says a lot of that work will be contingent on funding and teamwork with other state and local agencies and organizations.

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General McMahon says these 134 days have been a major learning experience. ”

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McMahon says the Missouri River flooding has to compete with other parts of the country, including Joplin, for disaster recovery funding.  And he says several of those disasters are in line ahead of the Missouri River.